Everything will be fine

One Day…

While everyone else is running a crazy race,

No matter how small your steps are or slow is your pace,

One day you will realize that going slow is also progress,

One day you will realize how long you have come, and there will be no anxiety or distress!


While small fights and differences made you feel bad,

No matter how many nights you slept hungry and sad,

One day those salty tears and that smudged makeup will make you smile,

One day you will cuddle on a couch and everything will just be fine.


While failure and criticism upset you in the present,

No matter how much the judgement and opinion were unpleasant,

One day you will perceive everything with logic and wisdom,

One day you will embrace that you are unique and perfectly flawsome.


While the thought of past  and that memory is slowly returning,

No matter how big the loss was or how deep the yearning,

One day you will not ache for that memory,

One day you will move over that ugly chapter and rise in your full glory!


While the time ahead looks tough and even a small change is scary,

No matter how difficult the phase was and how you were all weary,

One day you will grow and transition into a beautiful butterfly,

One day you will be the best version of yourself, spread your wings and high you will fly.


So darling,

However unclear your thoughts are and how much ever you regret,

Don’t you ever give up and don’t you ever fret,


Trust me when I say,

One day you will know, you did everything right!

One day everything is going to make sense and the times ahead are very bright!














Hemangi is a Tibco Consultant. A dedicated Business Intelligence geek by day and reader by night. She is an amateur writer and a frequent traveler who loves to hear 90's music. Get in contact with her on hemangi1312@gmail.com

7 thoughts to “One Day…”

  1. Great motivation lines 🙂
    What i lerarnt from this post is 👇🏻
    “If nothing going good today, its not mean that you are not worth it but your small steps to step up forward to your dreams will definitely make you successfull one day only you need to have patience and never give up attitude on your dreamzs and on your peoples 🙂 “

  2. Really loved reading through. There is a proper flow of thought and one just wouldn’t get lost wandering for a connecting link, its so properly threaded together.
    Well done.

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