New Year , New Resolution ?

December is moving fast and by the time Christmas holidays roll, we all will be busy planning how to make the New Year less stressful than the one we just came out of.
As we all sit down and make a list of habit-changing, self-grooming, mood-stabilizing things we vow to do next year, there’s no shortage of positive vibes that go around!

Each New year like everyone else I too make some resolutions. I take advantage of the promise and feasibility of a new year. There is excitement in the air and I feel energized and inspired. Though practically New year doesn’t solve my already existing problems or lower down my stress level, I still allow myself to start over each new year with a clean slate!   The New year bells don’t magically take away all my troubles but I still start feeling optimistic. I tell myself that I am going to succeed. This year will be different and brighter.
The intentions behind the resolutions are good and almost all of us plan to make meaningful changes in our life. We intent to drop some habits and build new ones.

The resolutions I make, I also break every year. Usually few days after jotting them down.

Complications occur, we get distracted, fall sick, or some mishap occurs. It becomes challenging to stick to a predefined plan for a few days, never mind one whole damn year! It is at this point that we think we’ve failed and then we give up. By end of the first month itself, any hope of achieving what we set out to achieve at the start of the year is a far memory.
The whole abstract idea of New Year’s resolutions and the approach that we often take is in complete contradiction to our minds and bodies capabilities . The outcome, as expected is that a week or a month later, our resolutions have collapsed.

This makes me pessimistic and I wonder if I will be able to defy those odds and actually achieve what I set out to do in 2017!

Probably the resolutions set by us are either too dreamy or too difficult. I remember making a resolution that coming forth ‘I would wake up 45 minutes early to meditate before work each day’! Duh , I actually gave up ! Too dreamy right *-*
There are so many more ways that we can refine our-self to become a better version that we want to be. We can all grab the stereotypical New Year’s Resolutions and try to apply them to our lives, but not able to keep up to them can be simply a way of creating unwanted stress and disappointment .

Don’t you think that instead of resolving and forcing our-self to become a person who runs, meditates or practices a new talent; we can just do that thing today! Preferably right now! We can then slowly practice the same tomorrow, and every day, and then gradually for ever.
We can lower your vision. We can start from small and sustained changes instead of big declarative goals which scare us.

Maybe planning small can be planning wise <winks> !!


Hemangi is a Tibco Consultant. A dedicated Business Intelligence geek by day and reader by night. She is an amateur writer and a frequent traveler who loves to hear 90's music. Get in contact with her on

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