Let’s talk about Love

Isn’t Love a very complicated four letter word? Some say, Love is dangerous and is a chain that ties you to the millstone of emotions. The Kings and the warriors of past weren’t supposed to prioritize love because love made them weak. Love ties us with unseen bondages and a few are capable of holding on to them. The others say that Love is the most beautiful thing and it’s a pity that some look at it as a base emotion.
Love is indeed the king of all emotions. There is nothing more pure than the love of a mother for her baby. If one doesn’t consider that desperate longing of being with their partner as Love, I think love’s definition is underrated. For those who disregard love; if you do not feel the love for your brothers, sisters,the father who shed his sweat and worked hard to make you what you are, the mother who carried you in her womb and gave you this life, for that one man/woman whose presence fixes things and for those friends who make you smile and make your life a party, is this life even worth living? Love is the soul of a family and it is love that holds people together.

But, is love enough?

Love comes from the heart but compatibility and understanding comes from mind.We often make mistakes in choosing friends and lovers! We can not deny that we haven’t even once in our life fallen in love with someone and got carried away by those whirlpool of emotions and then later realized that we aren’t just good for each other and it’s better to let go. Sadly that was love too; but it didn’t last.
In these recent years, I have learnt the basic rule for a relationship to stay blooming forever. Instead of building it on love, look for love and understanding together. There is no more satisfaction than having a partner who can go in your shoes and feel your pain like you do. We are all running for success and in this race, we often break down. Look for someone who would not only sweeps you off your feet but also hold you when you fall.
Don’t look for promises and don’t look for contracts to hold you both together. Fall in love but with the instinct that it will last forever and with the reasoning that your partner will love your soul like he loves your body.

I personally love Love . But I love the Love that lasts forever, the Love that not only involves my heart but my mind too , Love that not only makes me crazy but sensible too, Love that is not only about happiness but failures too, Love that makes me satisfied and confident and at the same time weak and jealous , Love that involves me completely from head to toe and from soul to body .


Hemangi is a Tibco Consultant. A dedicated Business Intelligence geek by day and reader by night. She is an amateur writer and a frequent traveler who loves to hear 90's music. Get in contact with her on hemangi1312@gmail.com

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