It’s all within us

A few months back, I was having an intense chat with one of my friends. He is an inquisitive soul and is always looking for answers of some of the most inexplicable questions.
Our chat was getting deeper and we started talking about our identity and purpose. We argued and discussed all that we believed, but there was a point when we were both stumped and were left in absolute silence. We had no answers!  It was then, I recalled reading it somewhere that Bhagavad Gita contains solution to all doubts a man can have and that many curious and restless minds have indeed found satisfactory explanations, they have come back enlightened. We decided to read it and figure out what it says about our existence.

We downloaded an e-copy of Bhagavad Gita by Sri Swami Sivananda and covered one discourse per day. Each of the eighteen discourses are not woven in a discordant manner, every chapter is vitally connected to its precedent. Each statement has a deep interpretation, there were conflicting verses and each phrase had a much deeper meaning than what we could evaluate. We realized that, understanding this holy scripture all by ourselves is going to be very difficult. It takes years for people to obtain this divine nectar.
The book instructed in the beginning that, thorough learning of the teachings of Lord Krishna is only possible with a tutor or a learned saint; we however did not have that much patience! I was quite curious for answers.  While researching on google, I came across some lectures by Swami Sarvapriyananda that he delivered at IIT Kanpur Campus. Each of the lectures lingered around the words I, Me and My Existence.

I often question myself, Who I am and what do I stand for ?

Swamiji’s lectures somewhere made me realize that we ourselves have the answers to these insoluble questions. So often we look outside of ourselves for answers. On one level this makes sense. If we don’t have an answer, surely someone else must. However, is that really true? I believe that we have access to more answers than we can immediately comprehend; but we are so complicated and lost that we don’t actually realize this.
Our inner self is who we really are. Not as what we have been told by others, but what we have discovered for our-self. Knowing our inner self requires a high level of introspection and self-analysis. But trying to uncover our inner self is also a very tricky process!

This process of self discovery sometimes seems even more difficult than interpreting the verses of Gita to me! For a lost soul like me who  looks for a second opinion in her own personal decisions too, its surely tough but not impossible. I believe that we have more answers within our-self than we know. By looking inside ourselves for the answers to our life’s questions, we are consulting our best mentor. Only we can know the what’s and why’s of our life. The answers that we seek can be found when we start answering our own questions.

First we need to ask the question, then search the answer, and then be absolutely amenable to it.

We can always look outside for answers, but must never forget to look within too. We might be surprised of how much we find in there.


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