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Birthday Getaways – A Trip Treat !

How will you celebrate your next birthday?
Will it be another night of going out to dinner or just a simple get together? Would you prefer dreading another wasted night at the bar or fly away and keep it peaceful ?

Since the time I was in college, I would insist my friends to plan a Birthday Picnic in December every year before the Semester break. We would search for a new place and arrange a small picnic instead of throwing grand parties or sumptuous dinners. We hunted for places in or around Jodhpur because that is all our pocket money allowed us to afford.
Even after college, I insist my friends and colleagues to plan a Birthday getaway, far from the city hubbub.

Don’t you think its an absolutely brilliant idea of hitting the roads on our birthdays !

Last year I was lucky to blow the midnight candles in Ooty and this years destination was Goa. You have to believe me, these were the best birthdays ever and I have absolutely no regrets.
I still remember how skeptical I was about the plan and was almost sure that going out of the city would destroy the comfort zone I needed on my special day.
I was doubtful that the trip would turn out to be a waste because the entire day my phone wouldn’t stop ringing with friends and relatives calling to wish and inquire about where I am and when am I throwing them a party !

But the mind knew, Travelling never disappoints! I therefore flushed all the second thoughts and packed my bags.

The first trip was so amazingly awesome that ever since then, heading out of the city tops the list of plans I have on my birthday.
Instead of staying back and wasting ourselves at the same place, throwing a treat to please others and instead of trying to force them all to put efforts for making the day all about us , I prefer a peaceful escape. Tranquil for others as well as for me!

Its kind of peaceful to be away from all the hoopla or birthday get-together. No balloons or party hats. No loud shouting and birthday bumps. No extra attention and extravagant celebration.
Just peace!
Its pretty quiet away from the crowd and that’s just the way I like. A peaceful morning and a relaxed day. Soothing the eyes with the beautiful red and orange colors of a sunrise and Sunset. Taking a moment from my special day to thank the almighty for this beautiful life. Nothing pleases more than the beauty of nature, the mountains and the sunsets, the beaches and the sound of waves.

Treating yourself with a trip is in fact the best treat ever. And the get-together, the gift-giving, the celebrations of other people’s company—they can always be saved for another time. One that doesn’t feel nearly as forced.

I am not an expert, but I can point a list of basic things to keep in  mind :

1. Setting the travel goal :
Busy schedules, classes and jobs. We all have justifications! The trip can be planned or spontaneous. Make up your mind and you’ll find a way to escape all the excuses. Try to utilize the weekends and holidays. Be it taking a short hike and a one day trip or long extended holiday , try to make your day worth remembering.

2. Budget Plan :
There are multiple apps and websites giving offers and cashback’s at any time of the year. Try to do the bookings online and check the reviews beforehand. Make sure to read maximum number of traveler accounts before making any bookings. Also, travel with like minded travelers ! You don’t want to end up spending all the money that you’ve been saving on a stay in a 5 star hotel, just because one of you is demanding.

3. Take a break :
If you are on a trip, the number of places that you visit is not important. Don’t Rush ! Let the beauty of the place sink in. Hurrying up, just to avoid missing some spots isn’t a great idea. Take your time, sit back and enjoy.

After-all, what is a celebration if not breaking the routine and having the time of your life 😉


Hemangi is a Tibco Consultant. A dedicated Business Intelligence geek by day and reader by night. She is an amateur writer and a frequent traveler who loves to hear 90's music. Get in contact with her on

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