An engineer by education, I work as a Tibco Consultant. I am interested in interacting with people, building innovative concepts, and exploring the world. Lover of the outdoors. Avid traveler and an amateur trekker.

‘Blogging’ is one of my recent interests and I invest the spare time from my 9-5 work schedule in writing. I love good content, smart marketing ,creative community building and have appreciation for language, art and culture. I am always smiling 🙂

This is my personal blog and a reflection of my views, knowledge and insights on Life, Spirituality, Travel ,Fashion and so much more. I am not a crackerjack writer who would pick up any mundane topic and write down long paragraphs of commentary on it, but surely good enough to pen down my thoughts and give you my honest opinions on various topics.

My goal is to write in a fairly simple and understandable way avoiding the use of jargon, so that most people can relate to the posts.

I do not promise any motivation content but would strive to provoke thought and imagination, present an equitable analysis of issues consciously while trying to avoid being biased.
In case you want to get in touch for any discussions, clarifications or reviews and critiques please feel free to comment or drop me a mail at hemangi1312@gmail.com

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