A Trek to the Himalayas

To be honest , I am not a person who loves to trek . But Since the day I had watched YJHD , I was awed by the idea of going on a trek with random people to the Himalayas just like how Scholar Naina did . After all the required googling and surfing , I finally managed to get the bookings done for a trek with a group of 50 people. Of course , It wasn’t so fancy like shown in the movie and obviously not so easy !
Climbing steep mountains and walking approximately 9- 10 kms daily with 7- 8 kgs of weight on shoulders was not easy for a clumsy and 9-5 IT freak like me. We crossed ice cold glacier water in the fast flowing rivers Hampta and Chenab and passed multiple waterfalls and streams . The ice water made our feet numb and body shiver !
There were times when the oxygen went low and caused breathlessness and headache due to AMS . We slipped , we fell and we hurt ourselves too !
But the satisfaction at the end of the day and the mesmerizing views throughout the trek route were worth all the pain . The sight of the camp set beautifully amidst the mountain ranges and beside the peacefully flowing rivers was worth all the struggles we faced on the way .
The camping sites were chosen perfectly and set near three different rivers on three days ( River Beas , Hampta and Chenab ) . It was an amazing experience to feel the nature so closely and so deeply !

Isolated from the rest of the world and out of the mobile coverage , away from all the work pressure and stress ; I found peace and I found myself !

Read the complete experience here: http://wp.me/p7T4fl-3V


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