a day without phone

A Day Without My Phone

I was scrolling down my Facebook page when a random idea stuck me.

I decided to test my mobile addiction with a very simple condition. The condition being, not to check my phone for one day!! Not so difficult huh?

Well, I had almost decided to quit using my mobile phone for a day, when this sudden realization occurred! What will happen if I don’t check my phone ???

1) Someone will post a photo of the brunch they had – like a really delicious brunch. Something with Juices, Fruits and nuts! With a hashtag #eathealthystayfit.  And I will miss double tapping it and give myself a fake promise that ‘ I’ll eat healthy from tomorrow‘ !

2) A famous celebrity will have a Major Wardrobe Malfunction at a grand international event! I won’t be able to gossip about it with my friends while scrolling through his/her photos.

3) Someone from my friend list who was Happily Single and Independent would be Engaged and madly in Love. I will miss that momentary Gasp. For once, after so so long, there will be a day when I won’t have to type  ‘Congratulations! Such a lovely couple! 

4) I’ll dress up really pretty and I won’t be able to post a photo on my Instagram Story! What, No Compliments for looking so good! I’ll probably think to myself, ‘I shouldn’t have worn this new dress today!’

5) I’ll miss the URGENT e-mail in my Inbox! Maybe for some lottery that I won, or a Clearance sale on some Online Store!

6) Somebody will post a new photo from their Trip to Some Country with the Caption WANDERLUST! I will miss envying him and also admire the background at the same time. Giving up my phone will save me from consoling myself with another fake promise, ‘I’m going to make an international trip this year!

7)  I will possibly get into a small talk with someone in person or plan to cook dinner myself. I won’t have any other option to kill boredom you see!

8) I’ll miss another molestation or rape news. Maybe another bomb blast or terrorist activity too! And not to forget, I’ll miss the great twitter wars between a bunch of public figures who love to get too ‘public’.

9) OMG ! I almost forgot that I will miss the airport looks of so many celebrities and their already so famous kids too!

10)Last but the most important, I’ll miss one hundred and fifty calls from my Mother. But never mind, she will call all my friends and roommates to check on me !

Ughh.. I can’t miss so much!

I’ll drop this idea for now:-P  


Hemangi is a Tibco Consultant. A dedicated Business Intelligence geek by day and reader by night. She is an amateur writer and a frequent traveler who loves to hear 90's music. Get in contact with her on hemangi1312@gmail.com

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